We exist because the world needs more great brands ... and their greatness.


Marquee is a global marketplace strategy, innovation
and brand citizenry consultancy gifted in human understanding.

Our story is one of love, passion and a burning desire to make the world a better place. 
Because this thing called civilization – we're all in it together.

Our Story

WE LOVE BRANDS. Deliciously full of talents, personality and heart, they're important characters on the stage of life. Invented yet real, brands – like characters – serve important roles in our lives.


Great brands also make us feel something good. And brands, like characters, move our stories along – individually and collectively.

"I love brand-building because it combines my business intellect with my personal passions for creativity, storytelling and doing good in the world," says Marquee's founder, Lori Yuhas, "and because I can't imagine the world without the vibrant & dynamic cast of characters we call brands."

Founded in Detroit with partners in London, New York, San Francisco & Washington DC, Marquee was born out of this love of brands, and is built upon further passion for using excellence in strategy, creativity, human understanding & analytics to move brands forward.

MARQUEE IS ENERGIZED by an outstanding team of highly experienced brand-builders who joined the consultancy to do their parts in making sure the world has a star-studded cast of brands – helping clients create and provide great products, services, communications & experiences to the audiences they serve – while also making sure the world has brands’ greatness, a.k.a. brands' citizenship and contributions to the Greater Good. Because this thing called civilization – people, institutions, business, brands, governments – we're all in it together.

The world needs great brands ... and their greatness. Let's work together to make the world a better place.


We're for leaders who see the importance their brand plays, or can play, in people's lives, and have an equally burning desire to balance a drive for growth & profitability with making the world a better place.

About Our Team

Marquee understands leaders' challenges and what it takes to succeed client-side, because our people spent years leading in corporate environments in the US and internationally, solving tough problems, setting clear visions, crafting crisp strategies and plans, making hard decisions, energizing great people, and delivering commended results ... accountably. We’re sensitive to the guts and skill it takes to forge new directions & bring new ideas to life — at lean start-ups, and also in big, multi-national organizations — because we've been in your shoes. (And we've hired plenty of partners along the way.)

We’re proud to bring you one of the best brand-building teams in the business!

Our Character


Our empathy skills equip us with a keen ability to connect leaders and their brands to higher brand purpose, deeply respected citizenry, and lasting customer loyalty.


(Yes, it's an invented word.) Our structure brings you into direct working relationship with senior marketing professionals topping the org chart, rewarding you with focused engagement, speed and efficiency.


Our client-side experience brings an understanding of the realities of enacting visions and doing big things. You’re hiring us to help you find answers and direction; yet we’re comrades in navigating the challenges new ideas and change can bring.


Our Name

The name MARQUEE reflects not only the résumés of Marquee’s people, the name Marquee also reflects the aspirations we know our clients have for their reputations & careers, their companies and their brands: to grow from here to there, and to be admired, desired, sought after and rewarded in the process.

Marquee’s logo (called the Monument M), designed by strategic partner Alfredo Muccino, embodies these aspirations while also personifying the hero-like strength of Marquee’s team — mightily confident, marvelously capable and playfully approachable — along with our promise to use our hero-like powers to make Marquee-worthy heroes out of you and your brand.

Hero-building. Marquee-making. That’s what we do.
— LORI YUHAS, Founder & CEO, Marquee Brand Builders

Our Values

At Marquee, we’re committed to a few core values that power the quality of our relationships and our work.


We care about people.
An advocate for employees and customers, we bring our hearts to work to help center you & your brand in their stories, needs, emotions and feelings (with ease).


We delight in nailing it.
Whatever your challenge brings, we keep going until we achieve clarity of understanding, thought and expression.


We relish thoughtful, heartfelt discussion.
We don’t mind challenging and being challenged, and we won’t hide our opinions to make you feel good. Our aim is to arrive at the best answer and see you & your brand succeed and thrive.


We have a propensity for happiness!
We balance the intensity of intellectual pursuit with celebrations big & little, and we always pause to soak in the joyful awe that accompanies breakthrough moments!

Our Invitation

We’re delighted you’re here, checking us out! When you’re ready for a mighty influx of the brand-building capability you want, when you need it, go ahead and embrace your inner hero ... engage us.

Our best wishes for your heroic, Marquee future!

Lori and team