Region: Global/International
People: Keylie Dugan
Services:  Coaching & Skill Building: Brainstorming & Innovation


Headquartered in New York City, Ketchum is a global PR & marketing communications leader and belongs to the Omnicom Group (of creative agencies).


As digitization and social media continue to transform the way people receive & share information and communicate, Ketchum continues to develop the next generation of services and talent to drive increased value for its clients. Making strategic investments in creativity, innovation and people, and in an ongoing effort to strengthen global capabilities and talent, Ketchum searched for teachers experts and found one in Marquee’s strategic partner, Kaylie Dugan.


Ketchum engaged Marquee’s strategic partner Kaylie Dugan to introduce and teach Marquee Brand Builders’ modern methods of brainstorming & innovation to a global team of Ketchum’s leaders. Ketchum assembled an ensemble of 22 creative and marketing leaders from its offices around the world at a gathering in San Francisco.


Over the course of the two-day immersion, Kaylie shared the latest in ideation techniques, exposed attendees to a variety of Marquee’s proprietary creativity tools, and facilitated dynamic brainstorming sessions on actual problems facing various Ketchum offices. Problems addressed included:

  • Enhancing Ketchum’s position in the global marketplace.
  • Creating a breakthrough awards program.
  • Celebrating Thomas & Friends (British-based television series) 70th Anniversary.
  • Getting kids 15-21 to stop smoking.
  • Persuading men to choose a different Gillette razor specifically designed to remove body hair


The immersion achieved its strategic objectives by:

  • Persuading Ketchum’s people to think about brainstorming, creativity and innovation in bold, fresh, new ways.
  • Imparting fresh problem-solving techniques and upgrading Ketchum’s overall approach to problem solving.
  • Growing Ketchum’s talented people by creating an environment and shared activity that built relationships among leaders in the firm’s worldwide offices.
  • Equipping attendees with the tools and knowledge needed to share and apply the techniques in their home office