"Those who most profit from me are those who most get me." 


You’re seeking to understand for many reasons. Ultimately, your goal is to move your target audience into profitable action. We get that.


We get people.

Consumers and customers. In the US and around the world. Children to seniors, parents to small business owners, and everyone in between. We get people. Whether you need to set a foundation of learning, get grounded in your target's attitudes, behaviors & motivations, understand adoption & barriers, generate a strategy, find a doorway into innovation, explore options, advance an idea, develop or clarify a position, or validate a choice, we know how to reach into people's worlds and minds so you can get them in all the ways needed to achieve your objectives. 


Our Services

At Marquee, masterful human understanding is the foundation of all our client work. We’ll often start our work getting grounded in – or advancing – your qualitative & quantitative understanding of those you wish to reach.

Qualitative Excellence

Marquee provides qualitative excellence. No matter your category, geography, generation of people or target you want to reach, we will find and articulate the insight that gives you the clarity, direction and inspiration you're in search of.


Audience Understanding & Insights

Emotional Connections | Brand Roles

Customer Journey Exploration

Communications Development

Concept Development

User Experience Evaluation

What clients say: The “best insights minds on the planet”, able to produce “a glorious piece of [qualitative] research!”



Quantitative Research & Analytics

We service clients’ quantitative needs through a combination of talents, including our very own segmentation & analytic genius and our industry-leading global partner, Ipsos Market Research. Or we’ll work with your research partners and available data.


Quantitative Research

  • Market, Brand, Consumer, Concepts


  • Target Audience Identification & Communications

Customer Intelligence & Analytics

  • Shopper Insights

In the spotlight: Qualitative Excellence

It's in our DNA.

We begin with the assumption that you are seeking competitive advantage.

We want you to win, too! Yet you and every one of your competitors is out in the world doing research and learning, and working hard to understand their target audience. Chances are that you, your marketing partners and your competitors are all operating from the same data, knowledge and insights. To do your best work, you need a lens of understanding, level of insights and anchoring “big discernment” that your competitors don’t have.

We jump into planning with the recognition that people are complicated.

You don’t market & sell to cardboard boxes. Obviously. But sometimes it’s hard to remember that human beings have busy lives, complex thoughts, competing priorities, unmet needs, natural preferences, heartfelt desires and undulating feelings. It is with these “whole person” priorities, thoughts, needs, preferences, desires and especially feelings that people make decisions. So when we delve into human understanding, we do so with your category and the “whole person” in mind.


We carry out our work knowing that what people want most is to feel something good.

And that people gravitate towards what makes them feel best.


We are flexible learners.


Online Communities


Focus Groups
Ethnography & Self-Ethnography Accompanied Shopping
Expert Interviews
User Testing


Insight-Rich Reports
Audience Personifications
Audience Storytelling

Our learning skillset.

What makes our Qualitative Understanding work so darned good? 
(Yes, our quantitative, analytic minds are darned good, too.)


Our human understanding work is rooted in a natural and passionate curiosity about people, cultures, and the dynamics of the world in which we live. We really love this stuff.


Because better (a.k.a. smarter and more creative) questions lead to better (a.k.a. more useful) answers.


Simply put, people’s thoughts and behaviors are dictated by their belief systems. Our lines of questioning go deftly, but deeply, into a respondent’s beliefs in order to tap the juiciest insights.


Juicy insights also come from what’s unspoken  the hidden what and why behind the spoken word. Because the insights specialists at Marquee have a natural understanding of people, we have an in-born ability to listen at the soul level while hearing with our ears, intuitively inferring with accuracy what respondents are really saying when they can’t fully express themselves.


In insights work, brainpower matters. A lot. Because great qualitative data is dependent upon use of the mind to sift through and synthesize imperfect human communications and bits & pieces of opinion-as-fact. Marquee’s insight minds are gifted at sifting and synthesizing, connecting-the-dots, finding the A HA! revelations & big idea(s), and articulating qualitative learnings into actionable intelligence.

We get people. You get results.

Whatever your project or challenge, our goal is to help you drive growth & profitability, and achieve exceptionally. Once we've gotten the qualitative insight and/or quantitative data & learning you're searching for, we’ll work collaboratively to put that understanding and resulting clear & useful ideas to use to achieve the results you want.