We help achieve the clarity that breathes vitality into any situation.


The gears of commerce are always turning.

Technologies revolutionize. Competitors innovate. Globalization creates opportunity. Start-ups disrupt. Consumers’ tastes and behaviors change ... as do an organization’s leaders. You know as well as we do that a business’s success and longevity are dependent upon the ability to solve complex problems, find opportunities and new directions, and create fresh and authentic products & services, customer experiences and branded communications – over and over and over again.

We know a leader’s strategic challenges are endless.

At Marquee, we love tackling strategy problems, identifying opportunities and finding conceptual breakthroughs. Our goal is to help you pinpoint the problem (if you have one) and figure out how to sharpen or focus your existing strategy, or help you craft a compelling new one.

Strategic challenges we help resolve:


An organization's WHY |
Mission, Purpose, Values

Target Audience Identification & Profiling

Business Strategy

Brand Platform Development

Brand Positioning

Portfolio Strategy

Marketing Strategy


Brand Relevance

Brand Valuation

Increasing Customer Engagement

Turnaround | Brand Renewal


Identifying Strategic Growth Opportunities

Innovation Territory & Roadmap

Marketplace Disruption


Product/Portfolio Positioning

Core Marketing Concept

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Advertising Strategy 


We actively collaborate through the entire strategic journey.

Quantitative Research

If market, brand or quantitative customer knowledge is required in the (re) development of your business, brand, marketing or communications strategy, we’ll work with your research partner or ours – industry leader Ipsos Market Research – to collect and analyze the data & intelligence needed to fully understand your situation and optimize results.

Execution is King. Strategy is the throne.

A consistently great stakeholder experience breeds buzz, engagement and loyalty among customers, employees, investors, and the media. For a business or brand, execution matters. A lot.

Champions for brilliant execution, we’re equal champions for brilliant strategy.

Strategy also matters. A lot. A clear, focused strategy from which to execute is a necessity for your business or brand’s activities, and is an important first step to achieving marketplace success. A clear, focused strategy – where you’re heading, and why – engages, energizes and enables everyone on your team or in your organization, and your partners, to execute with symphonic excellence and deliver a consistent stakeholder experience across all business or brand touchpoints. When a strategy is clear and focused, it makes a GINORMOUS difference to your execution, and thus your top and bottom lines.

Execution needs a strategy like a king needs a throne. The result: Majestic Reign.

As the gears of commerce turn and turn, let us help you reign majestically.