Lori kicks off a conversation with Gary Vaynerchuk

Lori Gary NYC plain picture.jpg

Lori met Gary at P&G's Alumni Conference in October 2017. Lori, a P&G Alum, was in attendance while Gary, CEO of NYC-based VaynerMedia (among other curious, diverse and successful pursuits), had a conference speaking role. They met again in January 2018 at Vayner's offices in New York City, and together with Vayner's COO and Senior Vice President of Vayner Solutions, kicked off a warm conversation about ambition, entrepreneurialism, heart and business growth. What's next for Marquee Brand Builders and VaynerMedia? Stay tuned to learn how the conversation unfolds!


You never know where a conversation will lead, so start one today with someone who inspires you.

Lori Yuhas