Calling on brands to amp up the Positivity. The Greater Good needs your citizenry!

Calling on brands to amp up the Positivity. The Greater Good needs your citizenry!

Along with millions & billions of other influencable humans, Marquee’s team relished watching 2018's Super Bowl and Olympic medal battles. As brand-building specialists, we’ve paid close attention to the television advertising and have been delighted to see one global brand after another sending ripples of positive juju throughout humanity via messages of respect, hope, inspiration & unification. (Where are these messages and tones of voice the rest of the year?) Contributing to the Greater Good by the simple act of uplifting communications that stir the spirit and arouse the soul is a behavior of great brands, and an act of brand citizenry.

Brand Citizenry is conscientious and meaningful contribution to the Greater Good. It's a passion, a choice, a commitment, a behavior and a responsibility. At Marquee, Positivity, Purpose and Activism comprise the core components of Brand Citizenry. Positivity, the easiest form of brand citizenry, is rooted in how a brand communicates. 
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Messaging (vs. strategic) standouts Toyota, P&G, Verizon, Kia, Amazon, Nike, M&Ms, Budweiser and Canadian Bell, among others … as athletes laid it down for glory, your messaging left us feeling understood, acknowledged, happy, encouraged and good about the world in which we live, at least for a moment in time. To all these great brands for communicating on the Positivity spectrum of (intelligent) amusement to virtue, we say WAY TO GO! and can we please have more?


Because the world needs good juju.

Let’s face it: humanity is suffocating under a blanket of (vitriolic) negativity. If you’re tired of unsavory drama that leaves you feeling bland, blah, irritated and even anxious to turn the channel, we’re with you. To elevate our spirits, our thoughts and our behaviors for the betterment of humanity, we need those with megaphones – a.k.a. brands – to lead conversations that are intelligently amusing => virtuous in tone and message. Pick your spot on the Positivity spectrum and go for it. We say the more virtuous, the better.

 Positivity’s ripple effect benefits us all.

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Social beings, we humans are naturally influenced by the attitudes and expressions of those around us. When a brand and its representatives – all characters with influence – communicate negatively (in person, on the phone, in advertising or in social media content), it affects us negatively. (We're talking snark, disrespect, hostility, foolishness and the like.) When a brand and its representatives communicate positively, it affects us positively. Positive communications leave us feeling altruistically rewarded, and just a little bit better about our days, our efforts and our lives. In the “high” of the moment, we’re able to act and communicate from a happier and more inspired place, rippling even more positivity out into the world.

 Positivity, along with Purpose and Activism, is good for business. 

As fellow characters on the world stage, brands that do good through Positivity, Purpose, and Activism attract the right investor dollars, the most talented employees and passionately loyal customers. Why? Because being a part of a virtuous brand’s story, actively or passively, feels (really) good. And we all want to be a part of things that make us feel (really) good.

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At Marquee, we treat brands as influential characters on the world stage … citizens with important roles to play in the Greater Good. While we don’t expect brands’ communications to serve as public service announcements, a brand that communicates with conscious, constructive and regular Positivity across all touchpoints does create a compelling attraction energy. Now imagine the attraction force of a brand acting on Purpose and Activism, too.

Brand Citizenry matters. Be our hero. 

How is your brand contributing to the Greater Good?

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