Nectar Financial AG, formerly known as Etops, is a Zurich-based FinTech innovator that provides software and services to asset management firms working with high net worth individual investors, institutional investors, and family offices.


As it transitioned from being an outsource investment service provider to an innovative wealth management FinTech platform, Etops (now Nectar) sought to rebrand itself by redefining its strategy, finding a new company name, and developing a new brand identity to reflect the change in direction. The existing identity for Etops lacked personality, was undifferentiated, and did not exude the qualities that Etops wanted to reflect with its branding:

Previous brand identity. 

Previous brand identity. 



To focus the work, Alfredo helped Etops articulate a Brand Manifesto (in this case a declaration of the company's motives & intentions), searching for distinct language to help identify areas of naming opportunity. From there, Alfredo led the team to develop a new Brand Platform and clearly defined purpose from which to further draw design inspiration.


Clearly articulating the essence of Etops’ service – extracting valuable data – became the basis for naming ideation. Nectar was a choice that beautifully expressed the Brand Manifesto's concepts of extraction and valuable.

Leveraging the brand's newly defined purpose and personality, Alfredo created a premium logo – in the shape of a nectar drop – and a premium identity that reflected the intelligent, pioneering nature of Nectar’s team and vision, establishing Nectar as a FinTech innovator with aspirational ambitions.


Initially serving Swiss clients, Nectar's use of technology to disrupt the value chain in asset management has caught the attention of asset managers worldwide. Nectar now has offices in New York and recently formed a joint venture in Hong-Kong to pursue the Asian market.

Europe (Switzerland)
Alfredo Muccino
Brand Strategy
Brand Design: Naming + Visual Rebranding