Alfredo Muccino | Marquee Brand Builders

Alfredo Muccino | Marquee Brand Builders

Alfredo Muccino

Strategic Parter, Brand Design

Prior to starting Solid Branding, Alfredo was the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Silicon Valley-based Liquid Agency. At Solid, Alfredo sets the tone for the firm’s strategic and creative work, focusing on helping clients build their business and their brand’s value. Over the years, Alfredo has won numerous awards for excellence in design while working on significant branding initiatives for Adidas, Adobe, Google, Facebook, HP, LexisNexis, LSI, Microsoft, Nike, Skype, Sony, Visa and Walmart. He has also helped guide the branding efforts for early stage companies such as Ficks, iMemories, Mynd, Olive, Plastic Jungle, Slice, and others. Alfredo serves Marquee and its clients as a visiting strategic partner, available to direct and/or service clients’ design needs while we search for a talented, global design lead to fill his shoes.



Alfredo has a keen eye for detail, both in his fashion and in his design. Yet another globe-trotter with an appreciation for creative expression everywhere he travels, he’s also a member of the Burning Man community, an artist, and was a featured speaker at TED Patagonia.