Our How

Before choosing a partner, we know you have questions about how we’ll work with you. In a nutshell: active collaboration. And because every client’s situation is unique, we’ll instrument a tailored process that fits you, your team and your challenge.


To help leaders resolve their brand’s challenges, Marquee gets underneath issues and brings OUR SERVICES to life by taking actions like these:


  • Starting off with lively and meaningful conversations that help identify issues, frame challenges and articulate resolution pathways.
  • Structured, engaging Q&A workshopping.
  • Pushing you to define your current and desired levels of customer-centricity.


  • Asking tough, challenging questions. The right questions that lead to the breakthroughs you’re looking for.
  • Anchoring conversations that help uncover culture & customer truths, issues, and big ideas.
  • Digging for unmined gold in data and information.


  • Creating and applying disciplined thinking frameworks.
  • Mapping things out. (We love white boards and dry erase pens.)
  • Defining the “Magic Questions” needed to unlock creative brainpower.


  • Inviting employees and customers into lively conversations.
  • Stimulating minds with fun assignments and inventive, tactile tools.
  • Attentively listening to understand and assimilate.


  • Leveraging the power of our unique creativity experiences.
  • Using cross-category brand approaches & stories as teaching fodder.
  • Embarking on short field trips that bring the best out of you and your team.


  • Hearing your expressed fears, limitations and roadblocks, and helping you to edge past them and out of your comfort zone.
  • Teaching as we work to help you become an even stronger brand-builder.
  • Coaching you and your team on how to bring your [new, evolved, transformed] brand to life throughout the entire organization, and at all stakeholder touch points.

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Once your brand is [re]defined, your company’s operations are an extremely important and often overlooked brand-building lever.
— LORI YUHAS, CEO & Managing Partner, Marquee Brand Builders