Our What

Big or small, we know a leader’s brand challenges are endless. Whatever your need, Marquee concentrates our brand-building expertise and considerable multi-category, cross-functional understanding & experience on achieving your objectives.


Here are just a few of the types of challenges leaders hire Marquee to resolve:


  • We need to create a brand. Can you lead us through developing a strategic platform, name, story, identity, and messaging?


  • Can you help us articulate and establish a broader sense of purpose?
  • We need an injection of visionary horsepower. Where’s the potential for our brand’s future, and how might we remodel our operational levers to drive success?
  • Can you help our brand find a new market positioning? A compelling core marketing concept?


  • Understanding the consumers we want to reach: what are we missing?
  • Can you produce an intelligent customer segmentation and then help us dive deep and usefully profile the segments?


  • How do we focus and strengthen our brand’s communications in order to form closer attachments with our target consumers?



    • How do we fuel the next wave of business growth?
    • Can you help us expand our creativity horizons? Fill our innovation pipeline?


    • Are there boundaries to refreshing our brand’s logo and visual identity, and can you create a refresh for us?
    • How do we create a resonate and emotionally evocative brand experience for our customers? Our employees?


    • How might we increase our brand’s value in the marketplace (and thus financial value for our employees and shareholders)?


    • How might we reinvigorate our organization’s culture to consistently deliver upon our brand’s promise?

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