Valev Laube | Marquee Brand Builders

Valev Laube | Marquee Brand Builders

Valev Laube

Web Multimedia Designer & Digital Specialist

Valev is an enthusiastic creative mind whose digital designs have been the cornerstone of many New York-based festivals, events, and company brands. His holistic understanding of multimedia projects and digital media are rooted in his passions as an artist, musician, and graphic designer. He’s worked for companies such as Sacatelle, Grapple Media, ReThink Pharamaceuticals, Rettner Hall for Media Arts and Innovation, UR Ventures and Project Unify, and enjoys projects that challenge his creative thinking. During his work with a New York-based design and production company Sacatelle, he worked on promotion projects for clients including Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Since 2016 he is the creative director of a New York-based festival Estonian Cultural Days in New York. In May 2018, he’ll receive his BA in Digital Media from the University of Rochester. A budding superstar, Valev designed Marquee’s website and supports Marquee’s strategic partners on select client engagements.



A violinist, Valev has performed in almost ten different countries, and writes his own music mixing Northern-European folk tones to contemporary music. His most recent independent project was a multidisciplinary concert, "Tonality of Culture", at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. He has lived in three different countries (Estonia, Italy and the USA), and loves discovering the similarities and differences in cultures and societies.